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Behana Gorge

"Behana Gorge" – Version 4Bhama Daly


Behana, Behana, Behana

Roaring cascades scream

Over boulders, rocks, gnarled roots

Behana, Behana Behana.

Ambushed in Cadaghi combat green

Red fingers of umbrella flowers

Dazzle against the turquoise sky

Behana, Behana, Behana.

The land of ancestors



Sun, rain and

Shifting sands of time.

© 2016 Bhama Daly
Image: author’s own

Daly 150Bhama Daly was born in Kuala Lumpur. New horizons beckoned and, in the 1970s, she pursued a career in nursing in London. She migrated to Cairns with her husband Simon in 1978. They have two sons. Bhama’s career has embraced not only nursing but also academic work at the University of Queensland and the James Cook University, Cairns. Her research and writing are informed by stories, myths and legends and the way in which they provide explanations for being in the world. Bhama’s interests include writing, reading, Yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba and, a topic of endless procrastination, how not to write the best-selling novel. www.tropicalwriters.com.au