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Linda Sutton


Dreamcatcher largeNo city smog to dim the lights of heaven;
no polluting emissions to tarnish their bright sparkle
in the empty sky of the Inland.
No trails of vapour from a jet stream
to catch in its net,
the waxing moon lighting the lone traveller’s way.
Only a dingo’s plaintive call disturbs the silence,
from across the endless plain
to the backbone of a mighty mountain range,
in a space where there is ample room
for a shared existence.
Beyond the furthest fence where a living canvas
of changing form and purest colour,
has no frame of post and rail,
no barbs of wire contain this masterpiece of divine artistry.
Beyond the furthest fence,
a brown baby plays in the soft grey sand,
plays in innocent delight,
small questing hand a five-pointed star reaching upwards
towards the heavens where dreams are made.
Only his Maker can know
where his first unsteady steps will take him
beyond the furthest fence
on his journey towards his destiny,
where he and I can take our equal,
rightful place in this ancient Dreamtime land.


© Linda Sutton
Image: Gary Radler

Linda M Sutton is an Australian poet and writer of song lyrics and prize-winning hymn lyrics. Linda’s Personal Pilgrimage is published by Chi Rho books, Adelaide, and she has self-published Christian Meditations. An English Literature graduate of Deakin University, Linda is a retired minister of the Uniting Church in Australia -and a regular contributor to its Quiet Space website – and a member of the Copper Coast Writers’ group.