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Solitude largeLinda Sutton

Nameless country tracks, featureless plains
betwixt shifting, undulating sand dunes,
division of day from night as sun sets on the horizon;
creative of space, room enough
to experience the breadth of this primordial landscape;
the healing touch of feather-soft breezes at midnight,
the cosmic view of a universe;
a vast panorama of an indigo night sky
back-lit with star dust of infinity.
Waterhole camp where white cockatoos
come to drink at muddy water’s edge at dawn,
a peaceful awakening on the wings of the morning,
enough silence to hear the still, small voice,
senses alive to see the wondrous in the ordinary.


© 2015 Linda Sutton
Image: Stuart Harris

Linda M Sutton is an Australian poet and writer of song lyrics and prize-winning hymn lyrics. Linda’s Personal Pilgrimage is published by Chi Rho books, Adelaide, and she has self-published Christian Meditations. An English Literature graduate of Deakin University, Linda is a retired minister of the Uniting Church in Australia -and a regular contributor to its Quiet Space website – and a member of the Copper Coast Writers’ group.