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Image accompanying the story of an immigrant's perceptions of hypocrisy, racism, materialism and religious intolerance in Australia
Fantasies of a Bloodless Revolution

Bhama Daly   Marissa stared into her Narnia wardrobe cramped with clothes the colour of a hundred rainbows and with designer labels: ...
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Image accompanying a story of a woman overcoming her misgivings about beauty salons and finding her fist visit to one unexpectedly liberating
Seekers of the Beauty Myth

Bhama Daly   Marissa Samson strides into the Legend of the Seeker Beauty Salon. Her squared shoulders, detached expression and proud bearing ...
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Image accompanying a poem celebrating the sense of timeless pre-history at Behana Gorge in Queensland
Behana Gorge

Bhama Daly   Behana, Behana, Behana Roaring cascades scream Over boulders, rocks, gnarled roots Behana, Behana Behana. Ambushed in Cadaghi combat green ...
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Image accompanying reminiscences from childhood of attending rugby matches at Sydney's Redfern Oval
Redfern Oval

Alison Miller   I remember sitting on the hill boiling in the late winter sunshine then later freezing as the temperature dropped ...
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Image accompanying a memoir recalling the colours and variety in suburban gardens of 1950s New South Wales
Colours of the 1950s Garden

Alison Miller   My father’s quarter acre garden was a riot of colour: snap dragons, sweet smelling stock and bunches of golden ...
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Image accompanying a memoir describing the rigours of travelling and getting lost in the arid woodlands of North Quaeensdland
The Hapless Geologist: Rocky Tate River

John Goldhawk Although it was now dark, the slab of rock I was lying on was still warm from the heat of ...
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Image accompanying the story of an Australian film extra who suffers misunderstanding and indignity when he mistakes his role for that of the Leading Man
The Leading Man

Gloria Anderlini   It was not Africa and, on this occasion, even tho’ there was a bloke sporting a white safari suit, ...
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Image accompanying a poem evoking the wonder of the Australian outback

Linda Sutton Nameless country tracks, featureless plains betwixt shifting, undulating sand dunes, division of day from night as sun sets on the ...
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Image accompanying a poem paying homage to the spaciousness and serenity of Northern Australia and to the Aboriginal people who live there

Linda Sutton   No city smog to dim the lights of heaven; no polluting emissions to tarnish their bright sparkle in the ...
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King Billy of Ballarat
King Billy of Ballarat

King Billy was given to strolling up and down the streets of Ballarat when that eviscerated city was merely in process of ...
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