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Image accompanying a short story describing how a drink-fuelled birthday celebration leads to unforeseen danger for a young woman in Fiji

Kelera Tuvou Ganivatu   The beer flowed freely. Drinking was not allowed in the women’s hostel but tonight was special. It was ...
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Image accompanies a A former US Peace Corps Volunteer's reminiscences of Fiji and of the mortal danger of forbidden love
Dodging Machetes – Romance has Consequences

Will Lutwick   Yes, Indian girls were off-limits. As Troy mentioned, groups of native Fijian girls often giggled and flirted with just ...
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Suva, Fiji, Peace Corps, memoir, short story
Dodging Machetes – We Meet

Will Lutwick   Coconut palms swayed in the trade winds like tipsy hula dancers. Turquoise waves nibbled the virginal seashore. A flock ...
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