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Image accompanying a short story describing the hopelessness of a man rejected by his family and by society
A Scarred Personality

Peter Kimani   Rejection, isolation and misfortunes are his plight. Sleeping on the cold and dirt-infested pavement, yawning and with stomach rumbling ...
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Image accompanying an innocent man's reminiscences about he destruction of his life's opportunities by a childhood conviction for a theft he did not commit
Betrayed Future

Peter Kimani   Standing on the same spot on the rock-capped hill as I used to many years ago in my childhood. ...
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Image illustrates a short story, In Pursuit of Happiness, about poverty, alcoholism and the abuse of women in the Kenya highlands
In Pursuit of Happiness

Ann Waruguru Kiai   I am sitting on the wheel barrow, waiting for the sunset to welcome the cover of darkness, for ...
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A dhow in the Indian Ocean, Kenya coast, as in this story.
The Voyage

Patrick Whang   The sun was at its zenith when Ali made the turn from the Mombasa channel toward the open Indian ...
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Ed – Rutere Mutuanga   My transfer from Nairobi to the coastal city of Mombasa, whose fame rests on vices rather than ...
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