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Image accompanying a memoir recalling the challenging experience of competing in a mountain bike race in Nepal
Mud Sweat and Madness

Ravi Man Singh   “What on earth am I doing on this godforsaken racetrack?” I began wondering as I sweated my guts ...
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Image accompanying reflections on the life of villagers in East Nepal who ferry bamboo in the form of rafts through the rock-strewn rapids of the Sun Koshi River
Facing Death for a Living

Ravi Man Singh   “What on earth are these guys doing on this boulder-strewn, fast river…. surfing?” I asked myself incredulously, as ...
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Image accompanying a short story describing how three friends in Nepal go on a wild boar hunt to help protect villagers' crops
To Tame the Wild – the Boars of Bhirkot

Ravi Man Singh   “Ho ho, ha, ha,” the loud hoarse cry ripped the stillness of the night, followed by a loud ...
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Image illustrating a poem about a Nepalese Sherpa who longs for the education he never had

Mocco Wollert   He sat in the dusk trying to read an English book; I had told him to learn English and ...
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Poem about a poverty stricken young mother in upland Nepal
Nepal Girl

Mocco Wollert   You are dressed in rags, barefoot and shivering with cold; a tiny face peeps out of a shawl that ...
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Nepal Dawn

Mocco Wollert   Night lies still heavily in the valley but Purri brings the morning tea and way above the sleeping shadows ...
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Image illustrating StoryMondo poem about evening and sunset in the Nepal Himalayas
Nepal Evening

Mocco Wollert   As dusk falls over the Nepali peaks life’s rhythm stops. There is no wind, no clouds that move to ...
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Poetry, Nepal, Kathmandu
Kathmandu Zoo

Mocco Wollert  He asked me again and again “to come and see” child man, proud Sherpa, trusting innocent, philosopher. It was important ...
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Poetry, Nepal, Machapuchare, Himalayas, Mule Train
Nepal Mule Train

Mocco Wollert   The mule train winds along the path surefooted, agile, strong, a caravan of laden beasts climbing the stone cut ...
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Image illustrating a poem about the Nepal Himalayas
Manasula Hotel

Mocco Wollert We sat around the fire time was void, the whole world contained in glowing branches into which we lost our ...
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