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Short story in which the writer reflects on his sense of alienation from the profound changes which his country of birth is undergoing

Emmanuel Okafor   The plump clay-coloured weathered-face woman sitting beside you presses your lean body against the side of the bus; but ...
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Image accompanying a short story from Nigeria describing describing how a twelve year old girl resorts to drastic measures to resist a forced marriage

Ebele Nweje   Rukiyat had been crying since last night. The December harmattan was blowing through the trees as she hastened with ...
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Image accompanying a short story about a young woman seeking admission to university who misinterprets an offer of assistance from a male student
Stealing from the Honeypot

Ebele Nweje   “Emma Nnaemeka! Anybody for Emma Nnaemeka?” shouted the bus conductor from where he stood at the door. “Yes, e ...
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Image accompanying a short story set in Lagos in which a woman recalls her and her father's suffering at the hands of a cruel and overbearing matriarch
The Broken Pieces

Emmanuel Okafor   ‘There are only two ways a man can meet death,’ my father once said, ‘either by the derogatory words ...
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Image accompanying a short story about a widow's rejection and loss property at the hands of her late husband's family and community in provincial Nigeria
When he Died

Ebele Nweje   Early before nine o’clock in the morning, the February sun was already up and hot as the small group ...
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Image accompanying an account by a fist-time visitor to Lagos about her irrational fears of the city in contrast to the reality of her experience
Am I Safe?

Alba Kunadu   “Everyone who goes to that place hates it!” “They are all thieves!” “You’ll hate the place!” “They are fast-o, ...
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Image accompanying a short story about family tragedy in Nnewi, Nigeria
Coming Home

Emmanuel Okafor   Ifeanyi prayed silently for the professor to end his lecture as he had been teaching for over two hours. ...
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Image accompanies a short story about an old woman's reminiscences about the Biafran war
A Broken Dream

Hope Nwosu   It was an unusually sunny day in early spring. I had just succeeded in putting the children to bed ...
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Image illustrates a short story about madness, set in Lagos, Nigeria
Nyama: Chronicles of a Lost Mind

Olohi  Ilevbare   They came to me again tonight in my sleep, Crawling all over my body, spindly legs and skeletal frames, ...
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Gavin Alexander   About one year on We closed your file Needing space for other lives It had moved back and forth ...
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