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Image accompanying a poem celebrating the beauty of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada of the United States
Lake Tahoe

Celine Rose Mariotti   It’s as blue as blue can be, God made it so Heavenly, It’s as beautiful as it can ...
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Image accompanying a poem recalling children using grass reeds to create a range of rural sounds
Blowing Grass

Dorman Nelson   Blowing grass on the hillside means something different now than thirty years ago. It was actually that. sticking a ...
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Image accompanying a short story describing how a ranch hand's platonic love affair ends in unexpected happiness
Winter of ’93

Dorman Nelson   There was a time when he’d just ride up and say hello. She would flash a nice but shy ...
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Image accompanying a story echoing the legend of Mississippi blues singer Robert Johnson's pact with the devil

Levi Noe   Clarksdale, Mississippi. It’s hot as hell, even at near midnight, but it seems appropriate. Hell’s exactly what I’m looking ...
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Image accompanying a memoir by an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University fondly recalling the innocent high jinks of his long-ago time as a student there
The Radiator and the Bra

Tom Klemens   It was a time before cell phones, email, when people still wore watches and when computer science majors had ...
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A short story about a young boy's first attempt at horse-back riding in Oklahoma and the lessons he lears from the experience and from the horse
Horse Sense: Lessons from the Saddle

Tammisan Mason   It was a hot and humid Oklahoma day; the kind of sunny day that scorches even the burliest of ...
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Angel’s Landing

Alison Randall   The only reason I decided to sign up for the geology field trip was because Lauren’s name was on ...
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A Cure for Cancer

Roger Hurn   Jim Jones was on a hunting trip in the Alaskan wilderness. He drove his jeep along the bumpy track ...
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A Bird Named Scratch

Max Oliver    Strange name for a bird? Yes! When you read the story that got it the name, hopefully you will ...
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A Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge
A Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

It was a beautiful summer day in New York City. It was a day made for walking. John was standing at an intersection near the Brooklyn Bridge. He had driven over the bridge before. But he had never walked over the bridge. He started walking uphill on the pedestrian path. Many people were walking ahead of him. Many people were also walking toward him. They were coming from the Brooklyn side of the bridge. A bicycle path was next to the pedestrian path. Some pedestrians were walking on the bike path. A bicyclist approached. He rang his bicycle bell. Walkers slowly got out of his way. He kept ringing his bell. John continued walking uphill. A man was standing next to a large ice chest. He was selling bottled water. “One dollar! One dollar! Ice cold water!” he shouted. John wasn’t thirsty. He wondered how heavy that ice chest was. ...
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