Fiji is a Melanesian country in the South Pacific Ocean. It occupies an archipelago of 332 islands, of which only one third are inhabited by people. Taveuni Island is on the International Date Line and there is a place where you can stand with one foot in “today” and the other in “yesterday”. Rugby is very popular in Fiji. fiji
Image accompanying a short story describing how a drink-fuelled birthday celebration leads to unforeseen danger for a young woman in Fiji
Kelera Tuvou Ganivatu   The beer flowed freely. Drinking was not allowed in the women’s hostel but tonight was special. It was Litia’s birthday and we were having drinks in...
Image accompanies a A former US Peace Corps Volunteer's reminiscences of Fiji and of the mortal danger of forbidden love
Dodging Machetes – Romance has Consequences
Will Lutwick   Yes, Indian girls were off-limits. As Troy mentioned, groups of native Fijian girls often giggled and flirted with just about any male PCV who walked by. The...
Suva, Fiji, Peace Corps, memoir, short story
Dodging Machetes – We Meet
Will Lutwick   Coconut palms swayed in the trade winds like tipsy hula dancers. Turquoise waves nibbled the virginal seashore. A flock of multi-hued parrots landed in unison on a...