Ghana is in West Africa and borders Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Togo. Although the country’s name means “warrior king”, Ghana is a famously friendly country which welcomes visitors. Ghana has lots of gold deposits and is the world’s second biggest producer of cocoa (which is used to make chocolate). All Ghanaian presidents since 1992 have been called John. SONY DSC
Image accompanying the story of a woman who returns from the United States to visit her family in Ghana, only to find that her cousin in Accra has other plans
Return to Family
Nana Prah   Suffocated by both the overwhelming Ghanaian heat and her cousin Gloria’s embrace, Ama struggled to breathe, yet clung to her fun loving cousin after not seeing her...
Image accompanying a short story about a ten year old girl who forgoes education in order to sell water sachets on the streets of Accra and so contribute to family stability
Opportunity Cost
Etornam Agbodo   The sun was merciless. The streets were jammed. But this was good for business. Abena weaved through the stagnant vehicles. She was careful of course. She could...