Republic of IrelandThe Republic of Ireland is a nation in north-western Europe that forms most of the island of Ireland (with the remainder being Northern Ireland which is part of the UK). Celtic tribes settled in Ireland in the 4th century BC but many Irish have left over the centuries and today over 80 million people of Irish descent live outside Ireland. Ireland has won the Eurovision Song Contest more times than any other country and the Irish invented Halloween – originally the Gaelic festival of Samhain.

Image accompanying a memoir describing the excitement of a childhood holiday on the island of Achill, County Mayo, and an ascent of its Croaghaun mountain
Shannon Terrell   “Shauna, let’s see if we can climb the big hill!” I race my cousin across the loping grassy knob leading to the cottage. “You’re daft if you think...
Image accompanying a poem describing the pleasures of Inch beach in Kerry, Ireland
To Inch
Jill Peer Inch by inch the wagtails sweep Round and round up and down the beach. Storm clouds fade away the hills. Breezy early morning chills. Surf school flags waving...
The Story of Tuan Mac
The Story of Tuan mac Cairill
Chapter 1 Finnian, the Abbott of Moville, went southwards and eastwards in great haste. News had come to him in Donegal that there were yet people in his own province...