Singapore consists of 63 islands located near Malaysia and Indonesia. It has long been a major trading nation and has one of the busiest ports in the world. According to an international survey done in 2007, Singaporeans are the fastest walkers in the world. singapore
Image accompanying a poem written in Singapore in 1976 and inspired by one of the newly built skyscrapers there
Joyce Parkes   apartments wide and tall — cocoons. A sauntering citizen may call Yojan globes a spider’s web. Selections claim to place each buoy seas apart, in close constituencies....
How the Polar Bears in Singapore Zoo Turned Green
How the Polar Bears in Singapore Zoo Turned Green
Justin Chaffey Now pay attention because this is the best story.  One hot and sticky night in Singapore, the last human visitors had left the famous Night Safari and all...
Why Chewing Gum Is Not Allowed In Singapore
Why Chewing Gum Is Banned In Singapore
Justin Chaffey Not so long ago, Singapore was the chewing gum center of the world.  More gum was produced in Singapore than anywhere else, and Singaporeans chewed their way through...