South Korea (Republic of Korea) occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia and its only land border is with North Korea. South Korea is an advanced, industrialized nation with many leading high technology corporations. Some school children are even taught gymnastics by robotic dogs. But South Koreans can relax in the annual Boryeona Mud Festival. south_korea
South Korea, travel writing, short story, Koke, Geoje, Koje-do, Geojedo, Korean War
The Island
Patrick Whang   It was January 2012, and I was on my way to South Korea to keep a promise – a promise to my uncle that I would visit...
Korea, short story, folk tale
The Tiger’s Whisker
Patrick Whang   Once upon a time a young wife named Yun Ok was at her wit's end. Her husband had always been a tender and loving soulmate before he...