The Kingdom of Thailand is in Southeast Asia. It has coasts on the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand and borders Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. With its tropical climate, fascinating culture, varied landscape and superb beaches, not to mention some thousands of temples, Thailand is one of the world’s major tourist destinations. It is also a big producer of cars and home to the world’s smallest mammal, the bumble bat. thailand


Image accompanying a short story describing how an aspiring beggar wins the patronage of a renowned beggar chief by demonstrating courage in a fight
In the Chamber of the Beggar Chief
Catherine Lee   The name of this soi seems mysterious to me, as if it should belong to some powerful sultan from the ancient Middle East. In reality it simply...
Short Story - The Story of the Potter
The Story of The Potter
Once upon a time, there lived in a village a potter named Yudhishtira. One day, he drank a lot of liquor and got intoxicated and began running. He lost his...