TurkeyModern Turkey was founded in 1923 at the end of Ottoman Empire and lies at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Turkey borders Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Tulips are native to Turkey and were introduced to the Netherlands by Turkish traders in the 16th century. Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat. The last meal on Noah’s Ark was a sweet and sour pudding made from over 20 ingredients – and this pudding is still served today.

Image accompanying an account of an American couple's terrifying ordeal while touring near Lake Van in Turkey
Ambush in Turkey
Craig Rawlings   “Get out of the car, get out of the car.” I didn’t need to be told twice as an AK-47 was pointed at my head through the...
Better the Folly of a Woman than the Wisdom of a Man
Better the Folly of A Woman Than the Wisdom of A Man
There lived in Constantinople an old Hodja, a learned man, who had a son. The boy followed in his father's footsteps, went every day to the Mosque Aya Sofia, seated...
How the Junkman Travelled to Find Treasure in his own Yard
How the Junkman Travelled to Find Treasure in his own Yard
On one of the towers overlooking the Sea of Marmora and skirting the ancient city of Stamboul, there lived an old junkman, who earned a precarious livelihood in gathering cinders...