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Story Crowd-Sourcing Service

StoryMondo operates a story crowd-sourcing service. This means that we receive requests for stories from companies, organizations and individuals. Then we broadcast these requests to all the writers who are signed up with us and invite them to submit stories. Finally our customer chooses the story they like the most and the author receives the agreed fee.

Are you a writer? If yes, please take a look below at the list of currently open requests. We would welcome your stories. To submit a story or ask any questions, please send an email to stories@storymondo.com.

Would you like to request a story for yourself or your organization?  If yes then please send an email to chris@storymondo.com.

Story Requests

Closing Date : 30 November 2014
Customer : Victoria Park Books Ltd, London, UK
About : Victoria Park Books is a specialist children’s bookshop in East London.  We work with schools, providing authors for events, suggestions of books for their libraries and curriculum, and creating festivals and opportunities to excite children about reading. We work with our community in Hackney to match the right book to the child and create life-long enthusiastic readers.
Website www.victoriaparkbooks.co.uk
Requirements : ~ Story or poem.
~ Something that we can use as part of our marketing of the shop capturing the very specific nature of the area the shop is in (a tight knit London village next to a beautiful and enormous leafy park), and the fact that it’s for kids of all ages (from newborn up to Methusaleh).
~ Something emphasizing the smallness of the shop and the bigness of the world (industry) and that smallness being the good thing in a world of impersonality; “where everybody knows your name”… that kind of thing.
~ Something very fairy tale-like.
Payment to Authors : $100 – winner
$50 – 1st runner up
$25 – 2nd runner up
$10 – 3rd and 4th runners up

Closing Date : CLOSED
Customer : Jason Womack, California
About : Jason Womack is a leading industrial-organizational psychologist. Jason provides mentoring to organizations and individuals to increase workplace performance, productivity and general well-being.
Website www.womackcompany.com
Requirements : ~ Stories only (unfortunately no poems for this request)
~ Maximum length of 1,500 words
~ Jason Womack must be the protagonist and the story plot must fit with what The Jason Womack Company does
~ Any genre is OK – but the story must be suitable for distribution to Jason Womack’s customers
~ Can be set anywhere in the world or have multiple locations
~ Some inspiration is http://vimeo.com/87092997 and http://vimeo.com/90717681
Payment to Authors : $250 – winner


Terms and Conditions
The general StoryMondo copyright, terms and conditions apply – as described here. However, to ensure full transparency, for our crowd-sourcing service we will require the author of the selected story to confirm via email that our customer is given full rights to use the story as follows:
• In digital format on websites and multimedia presentations
• In printed promotional materials, magazines, newspapers, books, brochures, flyers, CD/DVD covers, etc.
• Along with a corporate identity on business cards, letterhead, etc.
• To endorse our Customer’s products and services.