Stories on a Map


StoryMondo is an exciting new website that offers writers of short stories access to free online publishing of stories in English.  But the stories we publish are special.  They must have an authentic sense of place – they must in some way illustrate features or evoke the atmosphere of a story’s location.  And they can be of three kinds:

“Folk tales and legends” –  original stories that you have adapted or retold, or ones that you have created yourself

“Travellers’ tales” –  true accounts or fictional stories about places you have visited

“My world” – descriptions or stories that illustrate features of where you grew up or where you live

Your writing can be about dragons, food, people, robots, love, nature, science or anything else.  But it must always have a connection with real physical places such as cities, mountains, rivers, buildings and countries.  This means that each story can be linked to a place on the map on our homepage.  A story can be up to 4,000 words in length.

We neither charge nor pay to publish stories.  Authors are clearly identified as such on our website and retain copyright.  If third parties approach us about your stories or about you, we will pass on their queries direct to you, without charge and without ourselves being involved in any negotiations which may ensue.

Before accepting a story for publication, we check its content to ensure that it meets our criteria regarding quality, length and geographical relevance.  We refer editorial issues back to authors.  We do not publish material which, in our opinion, may cause serious offence or has explicit “adult” content.  If any offence is inadvertently caused by a story, we reserve the right to remove that story from our website.  We also undertake to remove stories from our website on request by the author.

How to submit a story to StoryMondo

Step One:            Verify your copyright.

Step Two:            Read and understand the StoryMondo copyright.

Step Three:            Check our Terms and Conditions. By submitting a story to StoryMondo you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. Most importantly – by submitting a work to StoryMondo you guarantee that you are the owner of the copyright to that work. We do not require any transfer of this copyright, but by submitting a story to us you agree to grant StoryMondo a non-exclusive license to publish the work.

Step Four:            Email your story as text in an email to stories@storymondo.com. The email should not contain attachments (as they will be removed by our filter).

If you have further questions then please check our help page or contact us.