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Laxman Jhula

Laxman Jhula largeLevi Noe


I remember the day
I jumped into the river,
I felt like I’d never
touched water before.
I swam against it, pushed
against the current that
would win in the end.
And I didn’t know why I
had waited so long to jump in.
Was it the pollution or
the river’s source that I
was more scared of?
It had been the hottest, hardest
summer. I had been further,
lived fuller than I’d ever lived.
And the water, the water
is what I remember most.
I had swam in the Pacific,
the East China Sea, the Gulf
of Thailand, flowed with
the Mekong, bathed in waterfalls
in Thailand and Laos, and seen colors
of water that I thought only existed
in fantasy. But why had I been
by the Ganga for over a month
and only then jumped in?
Maybe I was simply waiting
for the right time
to be baptized
and born again.


© Levi Noe
Image: Akhil Pandey

Image of Levi Andrew NoeLevi Andrew Noe is a writer of fiction and non-fiction for children and adults and is an award winning poet. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, he is a traveler, a yogi, a cyclist, a snowboarder and an entrepreneur, among many other things. Levi won first prize in 2011 and 2013 in Spirit First’s international poetry competition. His works have appeared in River Poets Journal, Elephant Journal, Twisted Vine, amphibi.us, knoji.com, thedenverdust.com and Japan Travel. Levi’s first published children’s book One Day as a Raven, is available in the Kindle store.
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