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Data collected through this website is controlled by StoryMondo Ltd., a privately owned limited liability business in the United Kingdom, in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

StoryMondo collects data in these ways:

Registration: We store any information that is submitted when users register on our website. This includes names, email addresses and countries of residence.

Submissions: We store all information sent to us in submissions.

Web Logs: StoryMondo records information sent by your browser such as your computer’s IP address, referring HTTP location, search string, time of the access, browser’s time and other statistics for each page accessed. This data may be used anonymously, in an aggregated form to provide statistical information on web page usage.

Tracking Services: StoryMondo makes use of tracking services such as Google Analytics which also record web log information that is used anonymously, in an aggregated form to provide statistical information on web page usage. Note that this data is collected and stored by the third party.

How does StoryMondo use personal data?
StoryMondo primarily uses your personal data to administer, moderate and maintain the website and the services available through or in connection with the website. StoryMondo may also hold personal data for internal record-keeping and, where needed, may use personal data to protect or enforce its legalrights, and to comply with its legal obligations.

Anonymous, Aggregated Data: StoryMondo may use aggregated and statistical data to analyse web site usage. StoryMondo may disclose anonymous, aggregate data about its services – for instance ‘80,000 unique users in June’ – to prospective partners, advertisers and other third parties.

Author Data: Unless requested otherwise, StoryMondo will include the provided name of the author next to ideas and stories and this will be visible to the general public. Submitters should note that, although data published on the website can be removed from the website itself, StoryMondo has no control over data that has been downloaded and stored locally by users of the site.

Email Data: Unless requested otherwise, StoryMondo will send occasional emails to the email addresses gather via registration and submissions. This could include advertising emails. Users may make a request to stop receiving this information at any time by emailing StoryMondo.

How are cookies used?
StoryMondo uses ‘cookies’ to obtain anonymous information about your use of our website. This includes:
• Monitor whether or not you are logged on to the site.
• Where advertising appears on StoryMondo pages, the advertiser may choose to use their own cookies.

Please note that most web browsers allow you to choose not to accept cookies. This will not prevent you from using the StoryMondo website.

Where does StoryMondo hold my personal data and how is the security of the data protected?
Your data may be recorded, processed and stored by or on behalf of StoryMondo on secure servers and computers in the UK, the US or other countries outside of your local area, county, state or country. The laws of the countries where your data is held may not give the same level of protection to personal data as within the UK, but StoryMondo will not take steps to protect your data from loss or misuse.

You should not send us any personal data if you object to it being held outside of your country.

Will StoryMondo disclose my data to third parties?
StoryMondo may make any of the data collected available to:

• The StoryMondo business (including employees and other staff members of StoryMondo), any businesses belonging to StoryMondo and any future successors.
• Professional firms, persons or companies providing their services or advice to StoryMondo for legal, tax, IT, e-commerce or financial matters where reasonably necessary.
• Other persons as required by law, or as may be needed to protect or enforce StoryMondo’s legal rights.

StoryMondo may also provide anonymised data to prospective partners, advertisers and other third parties, as described above.