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Blowing Grass

Blowing Grass largeDorman Nelson


Blowing grass on the hillside
means something different now
than thirty years ago.
It was actually that.
sticking a blade of grass between your
thumbs and blowing….
We blew ducks and chickens
And crying rabbits
Owls and pigeons
And hawklike habits.
Creaky doors
and screeching tires
howling dogs
and cats’ desires….
We drew forth the screams of life
from those tough but fragile blades
and the moms could never understand it.


© 2014 Dorman Nelson
Image: Nandaro

Nelson 150Dorman Nelson is a Californian writer who has been in print since he was in pre-school. He wrote a news column for a number of years and was the publisher of Western Tales Magazine. He writes science fiction and general fiction and is currently completing a frontier biography on John Liver Eating Johnston, immortalised by the 1972 movie Jeremiah Johnson.