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Zambia my Land of Birth

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My land of birth is called Zambia. It is my creator’s promised land of milk and honey. My land of birth is located in the southern part of a very beautiful and magnificent continent called Africa. Zambia is my land of birth, the land of birth of my forefathers, the land where I was born. It is also my unborn childrens’ land of descent and heritage. Zambia is the place that I am very proud to call home. It is the place where I have freedom because it is a free nation.

Oh how I love Zambia, my land of birth.

Zambia is a place where people live in peace, harmony and solidarity among themselves and with their neighbours. Not only are the Zambian people united but they are also friendly, peaceful and hospitable. In Zambia people settle their differences through dialogue, talk, forgiveness and reconciliation. Be they domestic or political differences.

A country with over 72 tribes and a place where over72 different languages are spoken but, interestingly, there is no tribal animosity in my land of birth. Zambia a place that is rich in culture with many colourful traditional ceremonies, traditional music and dances, but above all delicious traditional food.

Zambia the place where maize is our staple food, the place where every Zambian mouth appreciates and enjoys Nshima. Nshima, served with stew and vegetables, is the common dish that Zambians enjoys. The dish that is interestingly entertaining while you eat, as you make round balls to dip in the stew.

Oh how I love Zambia my land of birth.

Zambia my land of birth is blessed with so many natural resources. It is a place where you find minerals in abundance. The part of Zambia where I grew up is called the Copper Belt Province because of the copper mines that are found in the area. Copper, cobalt, uranium, zinc and assorted gemstones are among the many minerals that are mined in Zambia. Copper production and processing is Zambia’s main source of income.

My land of birth is a place highly favoured with natural vegetation. There are a lot of forests in Zambia and I am proud to say that, apart from mining, the Zambian people also earn income from timber.

Agriculture is also one of Zambia’s main activities. A lot of Zambians depend on farming for their livelihood. Fish farming and livestock husbandry are also among the economic activities in my land of birth.

Water is another natural resource that my creator has blessed my land of birth with. The country has many rivers, lakes, waterfalls, swamps and streams. Since water is said to be life, so I can boast of the many water sources that my land of birth is rich in.

Zambia is the country where you find the source of the mighty Zambezi River. To me the Zambezi River is the definition of God’s love for the Zambian people. The Zambezi River is the fourth longest river in Africa. It has its source in the Kaleni hills in Nkakawami village in Zambezi District in the North-western province. The Zambezi River flows through Botswana, Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe. It then passes through Mozambique and finally flows in the Indian Ocean.

It is also in Zambia where you find the beautiful, breathtaking Victoria Falls, named after Queen Victoria. The Victoria Falls are called Mosi-o-Tunya in one of our local languages, which means “the smoke that thunders.” There are many other waterfalls, rivers and lakes in Zambia but the Zambezi River and the Victoria falls are internationally known and people have come from near and far just to see these two natural wonders.

Zambia is also rich in wildlife. It’s a place where you will enjoy viewing game and going on safari in many different national parks. Oh how I love my country Zambia, the place that has a lot of tourist attractions to offer to tourists.

Oh how I love Zambia my land of birth

The place where I collected all my childhood memories, the place where I danced in the rain on the muddy ground with my siblings and my friends is a place called Zambia.

Zambia my land of birth. The place where I used to climb trees to pluck fruit from the trees. And a place where my siblings and I would sit around the fire with our grannies as they told us folk tales.

Zambia is a place of opportunities, possibilities and bright futures for the youth of this generation and the generations to come. The country where I kneel down to pray to my God for continued peace, development and growth.

Zambia my land of birth, the place I am very proud to call home. The place that I am encouraging every Zambian living within or beyond its borders to believe in and to invest their efforts in, to make it a bigger, better and stronger Zambia.

Zambia my land of birth is the land that my forefathers fought for with their British colonial masters. I salute my forefathers, the freedom fighters for fighting with their sweat and blood for the independence of my country. Today Zambia is a free nation and I am a free woman who is enjoying her freedom because of you my forefathers.

Zambia my land of birth, Happy 50th Anniversary.


© 2014 Kelia Mbimbi
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Mbimbi 2 150Kelia Mbimbi is a young Zambian writer. She was born in the month of love and valentines, or February as it is commonly known. Writing is an inborn talent for Kelia and, growing up, she used to steal her dad’s old diary and write imaginary or fictitious stories in it. Not only did she write imaginary stories but also the things that she saw or heard happening in the environment around her. Her hand was gifted to write at creation and her mind blessed with a vivid imagination. Kelia’s notepad and pen have always been her good friends and tools. She intends to build a career in writing.