Guatemala is a Central American country with both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines and borders with Belize, Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. It has 33 volcanoes and its people are mostly a mix of Spanish and native Mayan. The ancient Mayan civilization was based in what is modern-day Guatemala and today there are over 20 spoken Mayan dialects. The Mayans invented the chocolate bar, blue denim and the number zero. Picture of a chocolate bar
Image accompanying a memoir describing the writer's determination to build a relationship with a psychologically damaged child in a Guatemalan orphanage
Without Tears
Melissa Kirby   She’s crying again. At first, I thought the sound was going to drive me insane. Now, it has become a background monotony; a gentle dirge I can occasionally...
Image accompanying a memoir describing aspects of life in Panajachel, Guatemala, as perceived by an American expatriate
Melissa Kirby   The ridges throw their green edges in sharp relief against the winter sky. The blue shadows of mountain peaks rise between foreground and background, vague monsters of majesty in...